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Meyers Residence

The Challenge

The Meyer’s required a concrete foundation and basement for their soon-to-be home in Willow Glen. This basement will have a car lift placed in it to allow the customer to store their car in the basement, and be lifted up when needed to drive. The basement had to be accurate to within 1/4 inch. A task that, while challenging, we were able to accomplish perfectly.

Our Solution

Offering a very competitive bid, Benitez Concrete Construction took the reigns on this project. First, we excavated the lot to create room for the foundation and basement. We made the forms and placed the rebar, then we poured the concrete slab. Afterward, we made forms and poured concrete for the basement walls. Once the concrete had dried we removed the forms and cleaned the job site, leaving the foundation and basement.

Satisfied Customer

With our competitive bid and quick build-times, we were able to meet and exceed all expectations and goals laid out by the customer, leaving them 100% satisfied.