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Ferolito Residence


The Challenge

The Ferolito residence was a basement foundation built under a pre-existing home.

Our Solution

In order to add a basement to the current residence, house shoring was placed to raise and support both the home and earth. Once the house was raised, we proceeded with excavation, forms, and rebar. Once the foundation slab was poured and stripped the house was lowered back down atop the concrete basement.

Ferolito 1

Ferolito 2

Ferolito 3

Ferolito 4

Ferolito 5

Ferolito 6

Ferolito 7

Ferolito 8

Ferolito 9

Ferolito 10

Satisfied Customer

With our competitive bid and quick build-times, we were able to meet and exceed all expectations and goals laid out by the customer, leaving them 100% satisfied.
Ferolito 2