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Our WORK Process

Once we start building it is a pretty quick and easy process. First we create the foundation, then if needed we build the footings and forms, followed by pouring more concrete into those, which then become walls for the structure. After the concrete dries we remove these forms and clean up the job site. After this is completed our job is done and you are left with exactly what you wanted.


Create Foundation


Install Footings & Forms

Pour Again


Residential Concrete

Benitez Concrete Construction has over 30 years experience as a San Jose based residential concrete contractor. We offer a full range of residential concrete services and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Our Estimating Process

If you have an idea for a project or already have blueprints and a general contractor we are ready to help. When you contact us we will be happy to go over your plans and determine  the details of the job. We can then give you an estimate for the project.

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